Makeup for Glasses: Applied! + February Hauls!


Oh wow! Looking back at how terribly neglected this place is, I have no one but myself to blame for this :/ Real life have been so busy, from final years, to job hunting, to busy with work and blahs  have been leaving me with no time to even tend to my own personal needs. And the timeframe from the last post was like… 2 years?

Anyways, before anything else I’d like to greet everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! May the Year of the Horse ushers in prosperity, wealth and health to everyone 😀 Speaking of the New Years, I didn’t go back to my homestate and somehow ended up being stuck in my PJ home for the weekends, meh. Which on the other hand, gives me a good chance to re-activate this blog of mine. After some thoughts I was thinking of revamping this place into a blog to keep track on my skin-healing process and the products that I’m going to use, and if my knowledge permits it, maybe a little review.

Now here’s a thing I’ve been coping up with for the past 8 years; blemished skin. My skin is oily based and officially broke out when I was just a wee 17 years old. Since then it has been a very weird, tricky ride to getting better, which, I’m still trying to figure out up to this day, with a slightly better improvement. I actually visited a local skin doctor and has been given prescriptions, both to be consumed orally and facial application. During the 1st year of usage and 2nd year of no-medical attention given, my skin was back to its perfect condition. But decides to break out again at the end of the 2nd year, and hence been a little uncontrollable till now. *sighs*

Right now I’m trying to be strict on my daily skin routine, and trying to give it more attention than usual. Working in the animation industry can be pretty harsh to your skin sometimes though .___.

So on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year I’ve decided to do some serious skin shopping (while trying to just chillax and just enjoy things). So for this occasion I’ve decided to try on Jen’s Makeup for Glasses here: Have always been an avid follower of hers and I just wanted to pull of something new this time. So here’s the photos of me:

face_1Somewhat barefaced.

With doctor’s skin prescriptions

Bioglo Skin Perfecting Moisturiser

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF15

And here’s the thing. I went down to Sephora yesterday with my sister-in-law and grabbed this Sephora Mineral Compact Foundation to try out on a fuller-coverage makeup instead of my usual easy-to-go light makeup. I wasn’t exactly sure what made me bought it because I initially have another product in mind for this, but oh wells.



Skin Food Aloe Sun  BB Cream SPF20 PA+

Sephora Mineral Foundation Compact in D40

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I was doing when I was grabbing this, and is somehow regretting for making a mindless bargain. This foundation didn’t give me a full-coverage to hide all of my bulging blemishes. It covered my left side better than it did to my right side. But moving on, I tried applying the Jen’s Glasses tutorial and this is what I achieved.


I lost track of what products used here ugh. Shame on me.


With the glasses, my final look!

Am kinda happy with the look because somehow it made my eyes much more noticeable than before, and that’s good as this is my glasses with the biggest frame so far, and it helped in framing my face without looking overly done. Very happy with the outcome, definitely!

And on that side note, went on a makeup shopping spree today and these are the products I’ve grabbed today! 😀 (Oh and I’ve put the Sephora’s Mineral Foundation Compact together too, which I got yesterday).

haul_1Products bought:

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Pink Peony (such cute packaging!)

NYX Studio Liquid Liner in SLL 102 Extreme Black/Noir Extreme

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC25

So happy! I mean, I don’t usually venture into high-end cosmetics till now so I can’t wait to put them on and document about how it looks like. Till then! 🙂