Hello! + You’ve Fallen For Me


Hey guys! *scratches head* Blog noobie here, nice to meet you all. I’m not entirely sure how am I supposed to start this, but basically what you’ll be seeing here are some random bits of my life, most probably a little review of what I’ve listened, what I’ve watched, what I’ve been through and some random little stuff. Actually I did a little blogging back in Livejournal (and if you’re really curious about the content you can go from http://epphy.livejournal.com to see what is it about), but it did not turn out as well as I thought it would be and I stopped halfway. Now that I’ve found a better place and a more organized layout for writing, I thought I’d give it another shot while in the meantime try to improve my blogging skills, if there ever was one to start with.

I’m Sofie, and 2nd year student in Animation. Malaysian. Several things that I can’t live without are music, pencils, papers, computer, Photoshop and nail polishes 🙂 I’m just crazy like that. If there is anyone who are curious about what I learn and how is the learning timeframe in Animation, it’s pretty tight it suffocates you from time to time. Yeah. But that does not stop me from mingling about with the activities going on in DeviantArt or spending some afternoon or night time doing some painting or illustration. But more importantly having a group of classmates that you can have fun with makes your learning process even more enjoyable. Even though we have to die, we’d die gloriously :9

This evening I spent my time eating my dinner while finishing the last episode of “You’ve Fallen For Me”, an MBC Korean drama.

main castsFrom left to right:

So Yihyun as Jung Yoonsoo
Song Changui as Kim Sukhyun
Park Shinhye as Lee Gyuwon
Jung Yonghwa as Lee Shin
Woo Ri as Han Heejoo
Kang Minhyuk as Yeo Joonhee
Im Semi as Chao Bowoon
Lee Hyunjin as Hyun Kiyoung

Admittedly, I was driven to watch this after finishing “You’re Beautiful”. “You’ve Fallen For Me” tells the story between a cool guitarist Lee Shin and a bright gayageum player Gyuwon and how they get to learn about each other through hardships while participating in the 100th Centennial Performance of their college.

Honestly, I don’t actually quite dig the story of the drama, most probably the stories were all squeezed into a 15-episode series it did not get to expand well as I thought it might be. I thought the story went too smooth for a Korean drama? There are instances where Gyuwon were caught by her grandfather for practicing with Lee Shin’s band and I thought some sort of twist might happen there, but her grandfather just let her off the hook so easily, and I went “Huuuuuuuh? Where’s the drama?!” Relationship between Lee Shin and Gyuwon were very stable and them being all embarassed with each other kinda makes me feel that ah, maybe they’ll put all the impact behind. But honestly, I thought the ending was pretty nice, but I guess the things that were going on in between were pretty much just a smooth sail ride for me. If its not first for you this is probably the first Korean drama with no 3rd person interrupting the relationship for me. But it is a good drama to the end, but I just felt that somehow the story might be a bit too mellow (Although watching this will always ended up with me ooohh-ing and ahhhh-ing for Yonghwa for being so sweet and stuff, but thats just it), and I don’t quite grasp the point of the story. On the side note, I like the fact that Yonghwa and Shinhye made a comeback together after Shinwoo’s attempt to win Minyu’s heart in “You’re Beautiful” failed and left me broken-hearted.

Though what I can see is that this drama has involved a lot of artists, bands and most probably trainees under the label sign FNC (Which what CN Blue, FT Island and Oh Wonbin are under). I’m not trying to make assumptions, but it is good to see that the Korean drama market now is also helping in popularizing rock bands in the South Korea music scene. They have good music, we can already see that in The Stupid, those are definitely no finger act. As much as I want to talk about why I think this drama deserves an okay, I thought it was pretty nice that they focus a lot on the music selection for the drama. I’ve listened to the OST last week and I thought it was really breathtaking and inspiring. M Signal’s “I Guess You Don’t Know” sinks the heart whenever I listen to it, it makes you wonder who is the singer behind the deep, sexy voice, no?

Either way, if there is a chance for Yonghwa to be in a drama again, I would definitely love to watch him again!

(On the side note, I’ve just ordered CN Blue’s Bluetory, Bluelove and First Step. The albums should be arriving soon! Can’t wait to listen and give them a review! :D)