50 Rules For Daughters


Looking through my Facebook feeds and saw someone posted this. Unless this has never crossed your mind, this is a good reminder about being a lady. Good read indeed.

Thought Catalog

Yesterday I posted “50 Rules for Sons” in anticipation of my son Stephen’s graduation from high school. This year I am posting my “50 Rules for Daughters” for Sophie, 17 years old, and Hallie, 13 years old. There is only one rule which is a duplicate. One of the best things about my post from last year was the responses I received from you with your own rules. If you have any you would like to share, please send them to me. Thank you.


1. The world is starving for strong female leaders. Be one.

2. You may have to work twice as hard as your male contemporaries just to stay even with them. Thankfully this will not be a problem.

3. Beware the boyfriend who criticizes you in front of others.

4. Zero tolerance for the boyfriend or husband who is physically, mentally or emotionally abusive.

5. Those who…

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Makeup for Glasses: Applied! + February Hauls!


Oh wow! Looking back at how terribly neglected this place is, I have no one but myself to blame for this :/ Real life have been so busy, from final years, to job hunting, to busy with work and blahs  have been leaving me with no time to even tend to my own personal needs. And the timeframe from the last post was like… 2 years?

Anyways, before anything else I’d like to greet everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! May the Year of the Horse ushers in prosperity, wealth and health to everyone 😀 Speaking of the New Years, I didn’t go back to my homestate and somehow ended up being stuck in my PJ home for the weekends, meh. Which on the other hand, gives me a good chance to re-activate this blog of mine. After some thoughts I was thinking of revamping this place into a blog to keep track on my skin-healing process and the products that I’m going to use, and if my knowledge permits it, maybe a little review.

Now here’s a thing I’ve been coping up with for the past 8 years; blemished skin. My skin is oily based and officially broke out when I was just a wee 17 years old. Since then it has been a very weird, tricky ride to getting better, which, I’m still trying to figure out up to this day, with a slightly better improvement. I actually visited a local skin doctor and has been given prescriptions, both to be consumed orally and facial application. During the 1st year of usage and 2nd year of no-medical attention given, my skin was back to its perfect condition. But decides to break out again at the end of the 2nd year, and hence been a little uncontrollable till now. *sighs*

Right now I’m trying to be strict on my daily skin routine, and trying to give it more attention than usual. Working in the animation industry can be pretty harsh to your skin sometimes though .___.

So on the 2nd day of Chinese New Year I’ve decided to do some serious skin shopping (while trying to just chillax and just enjoy things). So for this occasion I’ve decided to try on Jen’s Makeup for Glasses here: http://www.frmheadtotoe.com/2012/11/makeup-for-glasses.html. Have always been an avid follower of hers and I just wanted to pull of something new this time. So here’s the photos of me:

face_1Somewhat barefaced.

With doctor’s skin prescriptions

Bioglo Skin Perfecting Moisturiser

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF15

And here’s the thing. I went down to Sephora yesterday with my sister-in-law and grabbed this Sephora Mineral Compact Foundation to try out on a fuller-coverage makeup instead of my usual easy-to-go light makeup. I wasn’t exactly sure what made me bought it because I initially have another product in mind for this, but oh wells.



Skin Food Aloe Sun  BB Cream SPF20 PA+

Sephora Mineral Foundation Compact in D40

I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I was doing when I was grabbing this, and is somehow regretting for making a mindless bargain. This foundation didn’t give me a full-coverage to hide all of my bulging blemishes. It covered my left side better than it did to my right side. But moving on, I tried applying the Jen’s Glasses tutorial and this is what I achieved.


I lost track of what products used here ugh. Shame on me.


With the glasses, my final look!

Am kinda happy with the look because somehow it made my eyes much more noticeable than before, and that’s good as this is my glasses with the biggest frame so far, and it helped in framing my face without looking overly done. Very happy with the outcome, definitely!

And on that side note, went on a makeup shopping spree today and these are the products I’ve grabbed today! 😀 (Oh and I’ve put the Sephora’s Mineral Foundation Compact together too, which I got yesterday).

haul_1Products bought:

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Pink Peony (such cute packaging!)

NYX Studio Liquid Liner in SLL 102 Extreme Black/Noir Extreme

MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC25

So happy! I mean, I don’t usually venture into high-end cosmetics till now so I can’t wait to put them on and document about how it looks like. Till then! 🙂

Mum’s 46th Birthday Dinner!


Last Monday the 19th was mum’s birthday. I have always wanted to make her birthday special. Special is incomparable if dad is around but since dad is outstation for this week, I thought
I had to make something to make her birthday a blast! The initial plan was actually to bring her to some fancy Japanese restaurant namely Ajisen Ramen. I even searched through several review blogs to see if Miri’s branch is serving the quality as good as I have heard.

But it just bumps me when I realised that I barely have enough to feed myself when I have 4 to feed when we get there. I thought about shamelessly extending my hand towards my dad to ask for more pocket money, but I’d figure I would be beheaded for shameless act like that so I thought that me and my siblings would split the bill between us. Little sister don’t have much to spare as she is saving for her next shopping trip in KL next January… *hangs head*

So I told everything to dear Kelvin and he suggested that I make her dinner instead. “After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?” he said. Preparing dinner was way behind my mind, and kudos for him to suggest me that idea ❤ So I scurried off searching for recipes that I can manage and ingredients that could be grabbed in Miri. Present was least of my worry and I have already prepared that along with my little sister’s help few days earlier. We got her this long necklace with round-pieces which we bought online from http://www.a-fashion-story.com. A nice place to look for affordable female accessories which are not too pricey and pretty too. I highly recommend this page as the ranges of accessories’ selections are wide, website is updated very often, services are very efficient as they get to you very quick should you have any inquiries and deliveries are fast 😉

Gift for mum!

I didn’t get to snap a photo of the necklace, but its really pretty 🙂

So the day before we went shopping for the ingredients we need to prepare for the next day, and for the cheese cake I actually googled a recipe from a fellow blogger here: http://www.goolooloo.com/food-hunt/how-to-make-chilled-yogurt-cheese-cake. I find her blog entries very useful as she writes reviews on all the available eateries outlets here in Miri, and this is also where I also chance upon her review on Ajisen Ramen. It is also here that I found out ways of making cheese cake without using the oven to bake it. Go check her blog out!

I also shopped for ingredients that I needed to prepare for the homemade siew mai, which I found the recipe here : http://www.mykitchensnippets.com/2008/04/siew-mai.html. I have tried making these once successfully last year, so I was confident this would turn out well as my family liked them when I first made them 🙂 So Monday morning, little sister and I began our work preparing the ingredient for these 2 items. We sort of cooped ourselves roughly around 4 hours in the kitchen making things right before setting them cold in the fridge and prepare them for dinner.  I am also happy that my little brother also volunteered to prepare Butter Chicken for dinner, which contributed to the successfully filling dinner I have planned in my mind.

Siew Mai

Steamed Siew Mai.

Butter Chicken

Bro’s Butter Chicken.

Cheese Cake

Cheese Cake, which turned out a little too jelly-o for putting too much gelatine :/

But other than that, I was happy things went well as planned even though we didn’t get to bring her to some fancy restaurant. Our cookings might not be as great as mum’s. But still, its the thought that counts most ;D


Lots of loves, Mama! ❤

Hello! + You’ve Fallen For Me


Hey guys! *scratches head* Blog noobie here, nice to meet you all. I’m not entirely sure how am I supposed to start this, but basically what you’ll be seeing here are some random bits of my life, most probably a little review of what I’ve listened, what I’ve watched, what I’ve been through and some random little stuff. Actually I did a little blogging back in Livejournal (and if you’re really curious about the content you can go from http://epphy.livejournal.com to see what is it about), but it did not turn out as well as I thought it would be and I stopped halfway. Now that I’ve found a better place and a more organized layout for writing, I thought I’d give it another shot while in the meantime try to improve my blogging skills, if there ever was one to start with.

I’m Sofie, and 2nd year student in Animation. Malaysian. Several things that I can’t live without are music, pencils, papers, computer, Photoshop and nail polishes 🙂 I’m just crazy like that. If there is anyone who are curious about what I learn and how is the learning timeframe in Animation, it’s pretty tight it suffocates you from time to time. Yeah. But that does not stop me from mingling about with the activities going on in DeviantArt or spending some afternoon or night time doing some painting or illustration. But more importantly having a group of classmates that you can have fun with makes your learning process even more enjoyable. Even though we have to die, we’d die gloriously :9

This evening I spent my time eating my dinner while finishing the last episode of “You’ve Fallen For Me”, an MBC Korean drama.

main castsFrom left to right:

So Yihyun as Jung Yoonsoo
Song Changui as Kim Sukhyun
Park Shinhye as Lee Gyuwon
Jung Yonghwa as Lee Shin
Woo Ri as Han Heejoo
Kang Minhyuk as Yeo Joonhee
Im Semi as Chao Bowoon
Lee Hyunjin as Hyun Kiyoung

Admittedly, I was driven to watch this after finishing “You’re Beautiful”. “You’ve Fallen For Me” tells the story between a cool guitarist Lee Shin and a bright gayageum player Gyuwon and how they get to learn about each other through hardships while participating in the 100th Centennial Performance of their college.

Honestly, I don’t actually quite dig the story of the drama, most probably the stories were all squeezed into a 15-episode series it did not get to expand well as I thought it might be. I thought the story went too smooth for a Korean drama? There are instances where Gyuwon were caught by her grandfather for practicing with Lee Shin’s band and I thought some sort of twist might happen there, but her grandfather just let her off the hook so easily, and I went “Huuuuuuuh? Where’s the drama?!” Relationship between Lee Shin and Gyuwon were very stable and them being all embarassed with each other kinda makes me feel that ah, maybe they’ll put all the impact behind. But honestly, I thought the ending was pretty nice, but I guess the things that were going on in between were pretty much just a smooth sail ride for me. If its not first for you this is probably the first Korean drama with no 3rd person interrupting the relationship for me. But it is a good drama to the end, but I just felt that somehow the story might be a bit too mellow (Although watching this will always ended up with me ooohh-ing and ahhhh-ing for Yonghwa for being so sweet and stuff, but thats just it), and I don’t quite grasp the point of the story. On the side note, I like the fact that Yonghwa and Shinhye made a comeback together after Shinwoo’s attempt to win Minyu’s heart in “You’re Beautiful” failed and left me broken-hearted.

Though what I can see is that this drama has involved a lot of artists, bands and most probably trainees under the label sign FNC (Which what CN Blue, FT Island and Oh Wonbin are under). I’m not trying to make assumptions, but it is good to see that the Korean drama market now is also helping in popularizing rock bands in the South Korea music scene. They have good music, we can already see that in The Stupid, those are definitely no finger act. As much as I want to talk about why I think this drama deserves an okay, I thought it was pretty nice that they focus a lot on the music selection for the drama. I’ve listened to the OST last week and I thought it was really breathtaking and inspiring. M Signal’s “I Guess You Don’t Know” sinks the heart whenever I listen to it, it makes you wonder who is the singer behind the deep, sexy voice, no?

Either way, if there is a chance for Yonghwa to be in a drama again, I would definitely love to watch him again!

(On the side note, I’ve just ordered CN Blue’s Bluetory, Bluelove and First Step. The albums should be arriving soon! Can’t wait to listen and give them a review! :D)

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